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Rodrigo Sepulveda Cebrian.

Graphic Design & Publishing Services

Since 1995 my experience as a graphic designer, in many projects, has gone in time through different stages and trends. My work close to advertising, sales and marketing, provides a solid background knowledge to guide corporate projects from start. Nowadays my services as Graphic Designer and Publisher are dedicated to books, newspapers, magazines, online publications and other media.

More than 5 years and a large number of titles published as Designer and Head of Editorial Production.

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Graphic Design & Publishing


Passionate dedication to Editing, Design and Publishing since 2010 working with text, illustrated books, and all promotional collateral materials.

  • Editorial Publishing Services

    Book editing and layout design from a simple text-driven book too complex many charts, graphs or images book and magazine design. Layout design versions for digital publications and media. Consistent engaging cover designs. Serving also Cultural, Educational, Informative and Marketing purposes.

  • Visual Identity and Branding Solutions

    Corporate Desktop Stationary including logo and brand design, advertising, promotional products, wordpress html5 web design, and product packaging.

  • Promotional Design

    Posters, Brochures, Catalogs, Fullpage or banner advertising displays.


Featured work

The editorial design encompasses my current work and dedication. However, the design of other formats is always present and necessary for the promotional strategies associated with launches and other actions. Since 1995 I have independently made numerous small and large commissions, many of them almost forgotten in the memory box.

Confluencias Editorial

Confluencias Editorial book presentation at Feria del Libro Madrid, May 2017. See website

"A life without borders" Pascal Grellety Bosviel

The experiences of Doctor Pascal Grellety Bosviel, one of the founders of "Doctors Without Borders", on the battlefield. A book created from his drawings, photographs and cuts. See pages  Details

Ambolo Editorial Logo Design and Stationary

Corporate Identity Logo and Stationery. Logo design and writing materials, including applications to other office supplies.See website

"Letters from the Lost" Helen Waldstein Wilkes

A history of memory, to help live, to help not forget.

"50 years in Gombe" Jane Goodall

The story of an indefatigable woman who has dedicated 55 years of her life to the conservation of wildlife. Full color pages. See first pages

Zocos [Cities and Places]

A tour of the great cities of the world in a unique vision told by great people such as Harold Acton in Florence and the Tuscan villas, Paul Morand and his passion for London, or New York by Theodore Roosevelt, among many others.See Collection

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"The WOW design! is that moment when the eye meets the heart"

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